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Monday 27th May 2019

On-Line Backup

Backing up computer records has become an essential issues for companies of all sizes. The storage of these records off site is essential to ensuring that Company data is available for restore at all times. Traditionally this has been carried out using back-up tapes and many companies have wisely arranged to store these tapes off-site in our specially controlled vault environment. These tapes are then rotated as per the Company's agreed shedule whether that is daily, weekly or monthly.
In very recent years the concept of backing up data on-line has grown in importance and popularity.  It is easy to operate and once set up it enables each company to run its back-ups on-line as often as required. It also facilitates the restoration of this data on-line and eliminates the use of tapes and vault storage over time.
DSM can now offer this service to its customers in partnership with Keep it Safe Ltd, a company dedicated to the development and implemenetation of this process. DSM will facilitate the installation of the necessary software on your system which will ensure that your data is backed-up as required to a secure electronic Data Centre in Dublin. For complete security the data is then further backed up to a second secure electronic Data Centre at an alternative location in DUblin.
The cost of this service varies according to the size of data to be backed up. However DSM will work with you and Keep It Safe Ltd to establish the size of your data (without charge or obligation) and to establish the  potential costs for your Company associated with this service.