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Sunday 26th May 2019

Media Storage

Data prepared and saved in an electronic format has become somewhat the norm in irish business today. This data tends to be highly valuable and needs to be secured and protected and backed up to an off site location on a regular basis and in a systematic manner.
DSM has prepared a special fire-protected vault for this purpose within its facility in Annacotty. Tapes/discs are individually recorded onto DSM's database and are stored within dust free containers.
DSM facilitates the preparation of weekly/monthly schedules with customers and then implement this schedule by delivering the required media to customers according to the schedule and at the same time removing the current backed up media off-site to its secure location in the vault.
A small investment will secure peace of mind in knowing that your valuable electronic data is secure and can be recovered day or night if needed. Customers are invited to audit our facility on a regular basis and to advise us on all special requirements.  
DSM has developed a partnership with Keep It Safe Ltd , a company that specialises in preparing back-ups on line. This is a very secure and simpolistic approach to undertaking hourly, daily or weekly back-ups that are monitored and carry reports 24 hours per day. Data is saved on a server in a secure data centre and from there is backed-up up to a second data centre which essentially provides the ultimate in securing electronic data. The back up and restore of data using this methodology has therefore become very cost effective and simplistic.