Data Management

DSM provide a full range data management services for our clients throughout Ireland. Your Data is our priority.

Data Management By DSM, Is A Multi-Tier Activity

  • Resources

    DSM takes over the burden of not only providing adequate storage space but also the burden of providing the staff and resources needed to ensure that documents are secure and readily available to the customer when required. This is both an efficient and effective solution that will provide significant cost-savings to customers on the long-term. It will result in freeing up valuable business accommodation on the customer’s site as well as removing the burden of data management by valuable company personnel.

  • Access

    When preparing files and boxes for storage customers can catalogue individual files directly onto DSM’s database, thereby making subsequent search and retrieval both efficient and trouble-free.

  • Track & Trace

    Customer can be assured that their data is listed as an inventory on DSM’s database (Total Recall) and can be tracked and traced throughout their lifetime in storage as well as during the dispatch and delivery/collection processes. Customers can request retrievals on-line and can view records of all transactions including signatures of personnel who signed for documents at the point of delivery.

  • Secure Retrieval of Records in Electronic Format:

    DSM operates a comprehensive Scan-on-Demand service which is fast, efficient, and cost effective. Electronic records are transferred encrypted to customers via DSM’s electronic File Transfer system.

  • Managing Electronic Back-up Schedules. Vault Storage and Online Data Management:

    Data prepared and saved in an electronic format has become an increasingly important feature of day-to-day business.


Data Management relates to ‘hard-copy’ documents i.e. files, charts etc. stored in two sized boxes – 20 Kg (relevant to A4 type files) and 25kg boxes (relevant to Lever Arch files). Boxes have bar-codes attached when they are sold to the customer as ‘flat-pack’ boxes. When these boxes are collected from the customer, the bar codes are scanned electronically and uploaded to DSM’s interactive database along with a box description (as agreed with customer).
Documents are the valuable records of the various organisations and companies who make up our customer base. Our job is to organise them, protect them and manage the frequency with which they are requested by our customers throughout Ireland.

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