What you need for the Financial Sector

Financial Regulatory requirements are ever growing for financial services companies – placing increasing pressure on their day-to-day operations. As your off-site document storage partner DSM can offer support and assistance to relieve and share this burden.

Maintaining comprehensive records whether for tax, audit, business planning, pensions and investments is essential. In order to meet obligations under legislation, accountants and financial planners are required to retain records safely and securely for extended time frames.

DSM can assist in satisfying these obligations by providing a secure storage facility coupled with a fast retrieval service. Every archive box and its files are bar-coded and tracked electronically, and each customer has 24/7 on-line access to DSM’s database, where you can view the inventory of all records held in off-site storage.

Some of the confidential financial information that we currently manage securely on behalf of customers include the following:


Personal Tax Files

Company Audit Files

Bank statements

Personal customer


Confidential information relating to company formation or dissolution

DSM can also provide a scanning service to facilitate the storage of files in digital format as well as a ‘scan-on-demand’ service when you need a retrieval and would like it to be scanned and transferred to you in digital format.
In addition to storing client data securely your organisation is responsible for the timely destruction of documents once the retention period has expired. At DSM we can safely and securely dispose of any financial documents and certify this to you thereby protecting both you and your clients.


I have used DSM in the past and more recently having researched the market looking for a suitable company, I found DSM to be most professional, competitive and the chosen partner for Blarney Credit Union to use to store our offsite documents. We found them easy to deal with and professional.
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