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media back ups and storage Ireland

DSM Offers two alternative options for storing this data safely and securely as follows:



Safeguard your most valuable tapes and documents in a top security, temperature controlled environment

DSM has prepared a special fire-protected vault for this purpose within its facility in Annacotty. Tapes/discs are individually recorded onto DSM’s database and are stored within dust free containers. DSM will facilitate the preparation of weekly/monthly schedules with customers for both vault storage as well as on-line media storage. In the case of vault storage DSM will implement the customer’s schedule by delivering the required media to customers according to the schedule and at the same time removing the current backed up media off-site to its secure location in the vault.


Available in partnership with

DSM can facilitate the on-line storage of data through its partnership with, a company that specialises in the technology needed by companies to back-up their data on-line and to retrieve it safely, securely, and as required. In this regard data is encrypted before it is backed-up. It is then primed by the customer to travel on-line to a secure data centre in Dublin. From there it is then backed-up a second time to further data centre, also in Dublin. Customers can decide the frequency of back-ups and also decide on data restores as required. The significant benefit of this approach is that, once it is set up successfully, back-ups and restores of data are controlled very easily from the customer’s desktop. There is also the added value of the data being encrypted for additional security along with the fact that all on-line back-ups are monitored, and their status reported to the customer.

A small investment will secure peace of mind and the knowledge that all of your valuable electronic data is secure and can be successfully recovered day or night if needed.

The cost of this service varies according to the size of data to be backed up. However, DSM will work with each customer to establish the size of data to be backed-up (without charge or obligation) and to establish the potential monthly and annual costs for each customer associated with this service.

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