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DSM is the document storage provider of choice for many pharma / medical devices companies throughout Ireland. These sectors are highly regulated and compliance with national and global regulatory requirements is critical to their requirements.

At DSM we understand that quality assurance is critical within the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries and that the timely removal of documentation to an approved off-site location is regarded as a critical service. We schedule daily document collections and deliveries with all of our customers within the sector as required.

Because of the regulatory nature of these industries our clients are subjected to frequent stringent facility and process audits. During this time we are available to provide express retrieval and delivery to our customer facility in response to requests arising from the audit process.

In addition our pharmaceutical/medical devices clients conduct audits at our facility to ensure we comply with their individual and industry regulations. While such audits can be demanding in terms of our own facility, process, and procedures, they also provide DSM with invaluable feedback to support the continuous improvement of our services. We take pride in the fact that in the 23 years that DSM has been in business we have never failed a customer audit.




“DSM have managed our records for many years and have always provided a very efficient, dependable service. As a regulated company who is required to protect our records against deterioration and loss we have every confidence that DSM maintain our records to the highest standards We would highly recommend DSM”.
International Medical Device Company

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