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Legal institutions are unique in that all information relating to their clients is confidential under law. Failure to comply with this can have serious consequences for the firm and the client. Loss of information could compromise the client, damage your reputation, and have legal and financial consequences.

At DSM we have strong physical and electronic systems and procedures to securely store client information and to retrieve this as required. We are certified and compliant with all the requirements of the ISO standard 27001 which relates to Information Security Management.

Under the Data Protection Act all organisations have a responsibility to destroy documents in a safe and secure manner once the retention period for these has expired.
Here at Data Storage and Management Ltd, we store documentation in a secure environment, safe from intrusion or fire. We provide fast and reliable access to stored files through express deliveries or our scan on demand service.

DSM’s team of 12 is employed directly by DSM. Each team members has signed a confidentiality agreement as part of their contract of employment. Our front-line team are also easily recognised through their distinctive black uniforms with the DSM logo. All deliveries and collections to customers are carried out using DSM’s green sign-written locked and alarmed vans.
Once the retention period has expired for your data DSM will, with your written consent, have your documents shredded on DSM’s site using the required size of cross-shredding. You will receive a certificate of confidential destruction once the shredding has been completed.



“We have worked with DSM for many years. We have found DSM to be very helpful and the staff are friendly. I would be happy to recommend DSM services to others in the legal profession”
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