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Document Management 

Document Management relates to 'hard-copy' documents i.e. files, charts etc. stored in two sized boxes - 20 Kg (relevant to A4 type files) and 25kg boxes (relevant to Lever Arch or crystal hanging files). All boxes are bar-coded and scanned electronically to our interactive database along with a box description (agreed with customer).

Documents are the valuable records of the various organisations and companies who make up our customer base. Our job is to organise them, protect them and manage the frequency with which they are needed by customers.

The management of documents by DSM on behalf of its customers is essentially a three-tier activity as follows:

  1. From a generic viewpoint the storage of documents with DSM ensures that these files are maintained in a suitable environment and that the ID & location of such documents is recorded on the DSM's database. From that time on the retrieval of these documents is a web-link/phone call/email away.  DSM takes over the burden of not only providing adequate storage space but also the burden of providing the staff and resources needed to ensure that documents are readily available to staff when required. This is both an efficient and effective solution that will provide cost-savings to customers on the long-term

  2. When preparing files and boxes for storage the customer can catalogue individual files on DSM’s database and also identify the box that these are files are to be stored within once in storage

  3. When boxes/files have been stored with DSM customers can view an inventory of these records on-line. This provides customers with an assurance that these records are listed and located appropriately and can be tracked and traced throughout their lifetime in storage. Customers can also request retrievals on-line and can view records of all transactions including signatures of personnel who signed for documents at the point of delivery.

DSM works in partnership with its customers to ensure that all documents in storage and the management of these documents clearly reflects the needs of customers at all times.

DSM guarantees its customers that it will deliver within an express time of 2 hours to any location within 40 kilometres of its warehouse facility. DSM has consistently achieved its business targets in this regard throughout its seventeen years in business.


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