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Record Indexing and Barcoding

All boxes are bar-coded at the point of sale to the customer as flat-packs. Each box bar-code carries a unique six digit bar-code number that will belong to the customer until the customer either destroys or removes the content of the box. These bar-codes are allocated to the customer at that point but not be charged to the customer until they are actually returned to DSM with files for off-site storage. The bar-codes are scanned by DSM when they leave the customer's site and both an electronic record as well as a paper-copy of these bar-codes is left with the customer. They are scanned again by DSM when they arrive at DSM's warehouse and the bar-code numbers are then up-loaded electronically to DSM's database where DSM staff will also manually add the box description and the destruction date (if provided).  There is a space provided for this purpose on the front of each archive box. The description can be a e.g. box number, a numerical range, a date range or a word description as required by the customer.
Customers have the option of keeping a record of all files in each box themselves or indeed they can catalogue them individually on-line on DSM's database prior to sending them to off-site storage. DSM will provide the customer with individual seven digit bar-codes which can be affixed by the customer to each file. DSM will provide instruction and help-line advice to customers throughout this process and DSM will also scan and verify the contents of each box as it is received into off-site storage by DSM.
DSM will also catalogue files individually for customers if required.

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