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DSM works with a number of Hospitals and other medical settings throughout Ireland. Our primary role is the off-site storage and management of medical records. These are critical records which need to be securely stored and easily accessible at all times by each hospital/healthcare organisation especially during medical emergencies.

Medical records are stored at our secure facility in Annacotty near Limerick City. With improved road networks DSM has significantly reduced its travelling time to all its customers and can therefore provide a scheduled and seamless retrieval and delivery service when medical records are requested.

While we provide routine daily deliveries and collections to hospitals and other medical settings, we also respond to emergency requests 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year. Such requests can relate to life-saving situations and DSM has never failed to respond in a timely manner.

Hospital managers frequently refer to the fact that keeping medical records with DSM is the most efficient way to manage them. Each record/chart is but a telephone/on-line request away from the hospital’s desktop! This saves hospitals considerable resources which can be more effectively deployed within the hospital and provides an assurance that DSM will provide a high-quality response at all times.

In addition to hospitals DSM also work with general practice surgeries and medical centres. For such clients space is very often at a premium and we offer a storage and daily retrieval service for patient files.

All medical and healthcare facilities have access to our on-line document management database where they can clearly identify if the required record is with them or at DSM’s facility. Retrievals can be ordered online or indeed by email or telephone. All records of dispatches to customers are uploaded to DSM’s database and are available to customers online to ensure that full and up-to-date information regarding the location of medical records is available to the customer at all times.

DSM is always aware of the need for confidentiality and the implementation of Data Protection Legislation. In this regard DSM also works with customers to implement their retention policies. This also includes the provision of an appropriate certified destruction service for medical records as required.



DSM has been a long term vendor of ours and has always been very dependable. We have never had any delays in their service in all these years. The staff is always very friendly and helpful no matter what you request. We are confident that all our records with them is safe and confidential. We highly recommend DSM for their data management service”
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