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What you need for the Public Sector

The Public Sector in Ireland includes all organisations who are funded, or partly funded by public expenditure. This includes primarily the public health sector, educational institutes (all levels), local authorities and a number of voluntary organisations that receive direct government funding.

The public sector faces very significant challenges with regard to document storage and the management of this. The nature of public sector services often demands that large volumes of documentation are created and the retention periods for such documentation can be very extensive and sometimes unlimited.
Often documentation formats require specialised storage and retrieval solutions. An example of this is the local authority planning application process which also involves the storage of maps and drawings.

The pressure on internal resources, both space and people, has seen the public sector move to an outsourcing model for document storage with a key emphasis of value for money.

DSM provides both an on-site and off-site solution to the public sector. The onsite solution enables public organisations with multiple city/county locations to track and trace its records on its own site as well as those in an off-site location. DSM provides a separate piece of software to facilitate its onsite services, and this is currently hosted on DSM’s server.

In addition to document storage and retrieval DSM also provide media (vault) storage, on-line back-ups, document scanning, including the scanning of maps (A1 & A0) and secure document destruction services.


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