Retail and SME’s

What you need for the Retail Sector and SME's

At DSM we recognise the space and resource challenges facing many retail and small to medium sized businesses. Not every organisation can afford to allocate a dedicated person to managing their documentation needs. We can do this for you in a very cost effective and efficient way.

We pride ourselves on being customer-centred and we welcome all customers, big and small. Our exceptional collection and delivery service standards are the same for every customer regardless of whether you store one box or 1,000 boxes with us!

We provide a comprehensive consulting service to our SME and retail clients to assist them in making the best decisions regarding document storage and security. In addition we can provide on-site resources to facilitate the preparation and removal of documents to off-site storage thereby freeing up valuable space for business expansion etc.

In addition to storage we provide a comprehensive range of services including shredding and scanning. For our SME and retail clients we provide locked on-site shredding bins which we collect and replace on demand. This service is a support service to our off-site storage service and ensures that all duplicates of documents or letters etc are destroyed and not sent to off-site storage thereby minimising the overall cost of off-site services.



We recently used DSM for their secure shredding services. We have found DSM to be very efficient and easy to deal with.  They made the process very easy from the start and explained our options, allowing us to choose what was best for ourselves.  They have made us feel very secure and reassured in the treatment and disposal of our material.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. 

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