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On-line Access to DSM's database

DSM's holds an inventory of all of the data that's it stores for its customers on its SQL interactive database. This database known as 'Total Recall' is custom built in the United States for the Records Management Industry. The database has a primary warehouse module which has the capacity to detail every item - box or file/tape - with the description provided by the customer. However Total Recall has the capacity to add a range of additional modules including the following:
  • The Despatch Module which enables all items to be tracked and traced while in transit from DSM to and from customers. All items are dispatched electronically and are scanned on multiple occasions from DSM to the customer's locations and back to DSM. Customers can track and trace all this on-line and can also view the electronic signature of the person who has signed for the delivery/collection on the customer's site.
  • Scan-on-demand Module which enables customers to request that a file or part of a file be scanned and located on DSM's server where it can be downloaded as required
  • Shredding Bin Module which enables DSM to track and trace all shredding bins as they move to and from DSM and then onwards to have their contents shredded

DSM provides each customer with password-protected access to its database which will enable customers to do all of the following from their desktop:

Access the full inventory of all items held in storage on their behalf

  • Order retrievals on-line from any remote internet location. Customers will have the option of having boxes/files/tapes either physically delivered to their premises or scanned and delivered electronically
  • Catalogue all files/media tapes individually on DSM's database
  • Track and trace all items as these are retrieved and returned to customers

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