Customers can achieve significant efficiencies by storing its documents off-site. Such efficiencies include access to the security measures adopted by the off-site storage company as well as the management of these records through the the storage Company’s electronic database.

Many customers report to DSM that having their documents off-site with DSM means that they are more available to them than if they were on their own site. Effectively this means that once in storage items are listed and easily retrievable and no further investment of staff time other than placing an order for a box/file is required.

When customers send boxes of documents to DSM they can choose one of two methods as follows:
The customer can either keep a full record of what is in each box in which case they just mark the box with a box number or a short description which is then entered on to DSm’s database,


The customer can ask DSM to catalogue all file within each box in which case no effort or preparation time is needed by the customer. The cost involved in cataloguing files individually is between 37c – 50c per file depending on the detail required.

However, once all files are catalogued their description will appear on DSM’s database which will provide the customer with an on-line record of all items in storage and their current status e.g. On-site or off-site and who signed for them on retrieval etc.

The choice of method is entirely up to the customer. However, if files are likely to be retrieved on a regular basis, then the cataloguing of these is highly recommended. Customers have found that the investment made at the outset in the cataloguing of files can more than pay for itself in the long run in ease of retrievals as well as categorical clarification of which files are off-site.

DSM operates very high standards of security including externally monitored fire & burglar alarms and extensive CCTV both inside and outside its facility in Annacotty. Security and confidentiality are of paramount importance to DSM and its customers. All staff are highly trained in this regard and sign a confidentiality agreement on commencement of employment.