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DSM protects organisations from the risks of an information breach with secure shredding paper and
media destruction services

Secure Shredding Ireland - Paper - Documents

Secure Shredding and Destruction Services Ireland (Off-Site)

Secure shredding the destruction of both documents and media (back-up tapes/hard-drives etc.) is an essential part of the retention schedule for all companies/organisations for data held by the
customer held off-site and on-site.

From financial reports to personnel records, your business can accumulate a lot of paper in storage.
And throwing them out could mean you are in violation of data protection laws. Deal with office
clutter the smart way and use our certified document destruction service.

Get Proof of Protection.

Following every paper shredding service, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction confirming that
your material has been securely destroyed. More than peace of mind, your Certificate of Destruction
is your audit trail to help demonstrate that your information is no longer at risk and your business is
compliant with relevant data protection laws.

DSM encourages customers to include the proposed destruction date for documents along with the
‘box description’ when documents are being sent off-site. This will enable the customer to
constantly monitor DSM’s database on-line to identify when documents and media are due for
destruction and to ensure that this is undertaken in a timely manner and in accordance with data
protection legislation.

Similarly, all hard drive, back-up tapes and other forms of media should have a destruction date
included in the description. Only physical destruction of digital media ensures your information
stays confidential.

DSM provides a confidential secure shredding service on DSM’s site for its customers. To this end
DSM works in partnership with DGD Shredding Ltd, a local company accredited and an approved
supplier to DSM under ISO requirements. 

DSM requests its customers to identify all shredding requirements in writing to DSM by means of
Work Orders that are co-signed by both the customer and DSM.

DSM’s team supervises and monitors the appropriate secure shredding of its customers’ documents.
DGD Shredding Ltd provides certification of destruction for all shredding job lots and these are sent
to customers with their invoices at the end of each month.

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