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When you need a Delivery Or Collection Service

DSM recognises that customers need to be assured of access to their documents and media in an organised and speedy manner. Through on-line access to DSM’s database, customers can order retrievals, collections, and purchases (flat-pack boxes etc.) and can identify the speed with which they require the items to be delivered or collected as follows:

  • DSM provides a wide-ranging delivery and collection service to its customer. It is available 24 hours daily and 7 days a week (including Christmas). DSM has a fleet sign-written and alarmed vans on the road for this purpose and staff members are easily identifiable in a uniform (black) that is crested with DSM’s name and logo. Customers who may require an out of hours service are provided an annual schedule of this service, which details which team member is on call each week along with full emergency contact details. Four senior members of DSM’s team provide the out-of-hours service.

  • If a customer requests a collection at the same time as a delivery, regardless of the number of boxes/items, there is no additional charge to the customer. The charge relates to the ‘journey’ and not to the number of boxes/files being delivered/collected. In fact DSM recommends to customers that in order save money and promote efficiency, they should strive where possible to organise deliveries and collections simultaneously.

  • DSM’s online portal now allows customers to schedule their retrieval requirements over a 14- day period, which ensures that records are delivered as required and in a timely manner.


Fast Response 'Express' Delivery

When you store your documents off-site you need to know that you can have unlimited and timely access to them at all times. On most occasions documents are retrieved by customers in a planned and systematic manner using our next-day or same-day deliveries. However there are occasions when the customer’s requirement may be more urgent.

DSM responds to all urgent requests both during and outside of normal working hours. We offer a two-hour delivery time (from the time the request is received by DSM) to all customers living within a 40-kilometre radius of our headquarters in Annacotty. For customers outside of the 40-kilometre radius we offer a ‘rush’ delivery which is an agreed delivery time based on our assessment of the fastest time we can safely get to the customer’s site.

DSM has included its achievement of this service as a key business & quality objective in both its current Business Plan and its Quality Manual and each year we track DSM’s actual success rate in this regard. Our minimum target is to achieve a 95% success rate. However year-on-year we have demonstrated a 100% record in this area.

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