Thursday 27th January 2022
Project Management - Integrating on-site and off-site Records Management

DSM is finding that in today's economic climate its customers are seeking the most effective and efficient solution to all of its data storage and management needs both on-site and off-site. More and more, our customers are requesting a one-stop shop approach, which coordinates all storage and related activities including scanning, shredding, microfiche etc. Many of our customers are also seeking solutions to the management of their on-site filing systems in addition to off-site requirements.

With this in mind DSM is constantly up-dating and enhancing its electronic capabilities with regard to storage (both warehouse and vault), despatch/distribution and digital imaging. We can now offer you a more comprehensive and efficient service which will enable you our customer to get more for less and to relax in the knowledge that you can depend on DSM and its team to deliver!

DSM has recently added 'on-site' database software to its range of services to customers. This database is available to the customer by means of a once-off multi-user licence which is hosted and maintained by DSM's server. This on-site database will enable the customer to undertake the following on its own site:
  • Catalogue all files/documents/media on the customers own site
  • Identify the location and the holder of each of these records on the customer's site
  • Relocate records within the customer's own site as required
  • Track and trace records as they move within the organisation

The content of the on-site database is not available to DSM. However the on-site database can be integrated with DSM's off-site database thereby enabling multiple users within the customer's organisation to hold a full inventory of all of its records, both on-site and off-site. It can be made available by the organisation to all users on each person's desktop and can be up-dated as required with the simplest of technology.

Ultimately when records are deemed to be ready to go off-site they can easily be relocated from the customer's on-site database to the off-site database without incurring additional costs relevant to cataloguing etc. All records, whether on-site or off-site will continue to be available on-line to all authorised users.


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